Palm/Passion Sunday 2019
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Hamilton, Ohio
Pastor Kevin Jud
Abbreviated Sermon for Passion Sunday

Jesus did it all – for you.
At the end of each statement say, β€œfor me.”

1) Jesus is conceived by the Holy Spirit – for me.

2) Jesus is born of the Virgin Mary – for me.

3) Jesus is baptized – for me.

4) Jesus does miracles to prove who he is – for me.

5) Jesus teaches his revolutionary truth directly and in parables – for me.

6) Jesus turns his face toward Jerusalem – for me.

7) Jesus enters into the city of Jerusalem riding on a donkey – for me.

8) Jesus gives the testament of his body and blood at the last supper – for me.

9) Jesus prays in Gethsemane for the father’s will to be done – for me.

10) Jesus is betrayed into the hands of his enemies – for me.

11) Jesus is arrested – for me.

12) Jesus is taken to the high priest’s house as a prisoner – for me.

13) Jesus is denied by Peter – for me.

14) Jesus is blindfolded – for me.

15) Jesus is punched in the face – for me.

16) Jesus is mocked – for me.

17) Jesus is spit upon – for me.

18) Jesus is taken before the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate – for me.

19) Jesus is taken before the King of Galilee, Herod Antipas – for me.

20) Jesus is accused – for me.

21) Jesus is dressed in splendid clothes, mocked and treated with contempt – for me.

22) Jesus is returned to Pilate – for me.

23) Jesus hears the people cry out, β€œcrucify him, crucify him” – for me.

24) Jesus watches the crowd choose a murderer over him – for me.

25) Jesus is brutally flogged – for me.

26) Jesus is viciously crowned with a crown of thorns – for me.

27) Jesus is paraded through the streets of Jerusalem – for me.

28) Jesus is taken to the place called the skull – for me.

29) Jesus is stripped – for me.

30) Jesus’ bleeding back is laid against the rough wooden cross – for me.

31) Jesus’ hands and feet are cruelly pierced with nails hammered into the cross – for me.

32) Jesus watches the soldiers cast lots for his clothing – for me.

33) Jesus is mocked as he hangs on the cross – for me.

34) Jesus is railed against by a criminal crucified with him – for me.

35) Jesus is forsaken by God the father – for me.

36) Jesus does not call on legions of angels to stop the pain – for me.

37) Jesus’ gives his life – for me.

38) Jesus breathes his last – for me.

39) Jesus is buried – for me.

40) Jesus rises from the dead – for me.

41) Jesus did it all – for me.